Thursday, October 2, 2014

5th grade wonder

As always, so long between posts.  It appears I need adversity to inspire me.  I've had little of that lately.  Nothing but gratitude and love, people!
Rowan is doing great in first grade so far.  He loves his goofy teacher.  He hates homework, but she has been so awesome about recognizing his strengths and allowing us to tailor homework to his needs.  He had a short little hiccup of Awful Behavior at Home for a couple of weeks as he readjusted to being back in school, but that seems to have passed.
What I really want to write about is Aidan.  That kid has always had such a spark.  A spark of curiosity and such a love for learning.  We were disappointed that that spark disappeared last year.  Fourth grade was HARD for him.  We loved his teacher, but I think the challenging kids in her class took a lot out of everyone.
I am so happy to report that his spark is back and then some.  He comes home GUSHING about his day, his teacher, his BAND teacher, his instrument.  I haven't had to ask him to do homework once.  He loves to do it.   Today, as we were leaving school, we saw his classroom teacher in the hall.  He excitedly said hello to her.  She said hi back.  We walked a few more feet, and he looked back at her.  He didn't notice me noticing, and I'm not sure she did either, but the look was love, awe, gratitude and wonder.  Thank you for giving this back to my kid.  I knew it was there all along.

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